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Welcome to loyalty : Enjoy your journey

Your loyalty journey starts here!


Savvy Loyalty exists, to increase local trade and help towns and local businesses thrive. We do this by providing loyalty technology that allows them to do things that even the biggest retailers can’t do, at a price that every local business can afford.

We have many years of experience using NFC (Near-Field Communications) and contactless smartcards to develop innovative access control, loyalty and prepayment applications, running  on specialist devices unique to Savvy.

These stand-alone devices have been used successfully for loyalty schemes across the UK. As you can see, these devices pre-dated tablets and smartphones!

Our original device
Our original device
Our more recent device
Our more recent device

However, modern tablets are now clearly a better platform. As a result, we made a strategic decision to redevelop and extend our loyalty solutions. This development is now complete and already in use in 3 towns, using tablet, mobile and cloud-based services.


Our tablet app is used in-store by each participating business and provides a huge range of loyalty features, all designed to keep shoppers coming back.

Our mobile app is entirely locally branded and allows loyalty members to find local products and services, with rich-text push messaging and unique local search features. Shoppers can even view the points they have at each participating business!

Each business – and the scheme manager – also have their own web portal, giving access to their own customer database, along with comprehensive and easy-to-use self-service features and a truly unique suite of reports.

Where we are now

Having launched loyalty schemes across the UK, we now have a deep understanding of the challenges facing local businesses, in addition to our expertise in smartcards, mobile and wireless technologies. We’ve also established our own R&D team here in the UK, developing products and services for the UK and European market. With many years of expertise with local loyalty schemes and leading-edge technologies, we are uniquely placed, to help towns and local businesses thrive.

We’ll be introducing our new products in later blogs, but please do contact us at any time for more information or just to discuss how a properly designed local loyalty scheme changes consumer behaviour and generates more trade.

The future

Our integrated tablet, mobile and web-based apps already provide an astonishing range of services, all designed to drive footfall and increase local spending in every town and every business.

One of the core technologies we have used for many years (NFC), is now available in every smartphone and is now even being taken up by Apple. So in future we’ll be extending the single card that our cardholders carry to become a Lifestyle card they routinely bring with them whenever they come into town, because it gives them access to an ever-increasing range of local products and services. Watch this space!

But we never want to be just another technology provider. We want to always be your trusted partner, providing advice and experience gained from our other implementations, to help our customers maximize the benefits gained from using any of our solutions. So we look forward to working closely with many more new customers, becoming your trusted partner, constantly adapting and developing our products and services to meet your needs.

Exciting times!