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Technology that changes consumer behaviour

Anyone can develop a good-looking website or mobile app. That’s easy.

What’s unique about Savvy Loyalty, is the sheer scope, breadth and depth of the technology we routinely use to increase local spending. Web technologies, social media, smartcards, mobiles, tablets, wireless communication and new types of electronic devices – always at an affordable cost.

Coupled with our understanding of local business and effective use of loyalty principles, we really do know how to drive footfall and spending to local businesses. It’s what we do.

But we’re not just a technology provider. We look forward to becoming your trusted partner, working closely with you to launch your own local loyalty scheme – and for many years after launch.

Our new loyalty solution

We’ve poured money, time and 8 years experience into our new local loyalty solution. It provides an astonishing range of features, always at an affordable cost. There’s nothing else remotely like it. It’s our core product, specifically designed to change consumer behaviour – and that’s what it does.

Our new mobile app

With a unique map-based user interface, this app allows businesses and towns to market themselves simply, easily and effectively, to generate extra footfall and spending in a really appealing way.

Later this year, we’ll be adding geo-location based marketing and in early 2014, the ability to send tailored messages to selected consumers – based on their actual spending. (Something no-one else can do.)

Page 1 of Google

We know exactly what needs to be done, for local businesses to get on page 1 (or 2) of google. This unique advice is available for free, to all Savvy Loyalty businesses.

Social media

Social media is a wonderful asset – but comes with a huge admin overhead. With our free advice and support, you’ll be able to make effective use of social media – and keep admin to a minimum.

Spending analytics

Imagine being able to see the impact on local spending of a change to parking charges change, or roadworks, or any local event… or any marketing campaign… Normally impossible – but with Savvy Loyalty, it’s easy.

Ticketless events

Another example where we’ve pulled together a number of technologies. In this case, to deliver a solution that provides completely secure entry to events – and reduces costs.

Cashless parking

We’ll be trialling our unique cashless parking solution in early 2014. Watch this space!

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