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About Us

“Our mission is to help towns and local businesses thrive. We do this by providing technology that allows them to do things that even the biggest retailers can’t do, at a price that every local business can afford.”
Steve Wyllie, MD, Savvy UK Ltd.

Where we came from

Savvy International was formed in 2003, to develop RFID and smartcard-based applications, starting with loyalty and prepayment applications. Savvy UK was established as a limited company in May 2005 to market Savvy International products in the UK.

Our first launch of a local loyalty scheme in the UK was in Haslemere, Surrey in November 2005. This innovative use of our advanced technology won the national award from Action for Market Towns.

Where we are now

Having launched loyalty schemes across the UK, we now have a deep understanding of the challenges facing local businesses, in addition to our expertise in smartcards, mobile and wireless technologies. We’ve also now established our own R&D team, developing products and services for the UK and European market.

So we believe we are uniquely placed, to help towns and local businesses thrive.

The future

We’re now developing the third-generation of loyalty-based applications, here in the UK. This will provide an astonishing range of services, all designed to drive footfall and spending to local towns and businesses.

But we’re not just a technology provider. We also provide advice and experience gained from our other implementations, to help our customers maximize the benefits gained from using any of our solutions.

So we look forward to working closely with you and becoming your trusted partner, constantly adapting and developing our products and services to meet your needs.